How To Order (from Orville directly)



To mail order any of the CDs please send a check made to Orville Johnson for 17 dollars per disc (includes postage) to PO 16435, Seattle WA 98116.


If you'd like to order my CD's online, follow the link under the picture, or go to, type "Orville Johnson" into the search field, click on the disc(s) you want, and follow their ordering procedure. The discs will be in your mailbox within a few days. For downloading CDBaby works or you can go to iTunes and search my name. You can find me at all the common download sites.

For the Your Voice Is A Muscle disc, purchase, download, or stream from BandCamp

Orville & Scott and Jo Miller/Laura Love are currently only available thru the website by mail order.





DVDs are only available by mail order directly from Orville.


To mail order any of my DVD's


  • Resophonic Guitar for Beginners Vol. 1 & 2
  • Tricks, Licks, and Techniques Vol. 1 or 2
  • Bottleneck Style Slide Guitar
  • Fingerstyle Open D Tuning Guitar


send a check for 25 dollars USD per DVD made to Orville Johnson to PO 16435, Seattle WA 98116. These prices also include postage.

For more info on any of this stuff, email


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