Hey Dobropals, I'm going to use this page for cool dobro related stuff and it will be developing over time. To get started though, a reminder that all dobro players need to get this album...


I am proud to have been included among the pickers producer Jerry Douglas chose to honor Tut's contributions to the dobro literature. the music on this album should be known by every dobro picker !

I put together a recording that includes a large group of tracks that I made to support my teaching. I'm often called upon to teach dobro in other genres besides the common bluegrass/country styles so, over the years, I've recorded versions of many jazz, blues, and pop tunes to demonstrate how the dobro can sound in these contexts. I realized, immodestly, there's some pretty nice playing among these tracks but I would never release them as a stand alone album because it's all dobro all the time. Who would want to hear that besides dobro players and dobro nerds? So I'm giving it away to those of you that play the dobro or love to hear the dobro.  It's entitled Dobro No Dough Bro and you can find it over at BandCamp.com








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Hey Everybody!- You may have noticed my calendar ends at the beginning of the pandemic. finally, three years later, gigs are becoming a reality again and I do have some things on the horizon. I'll begin posting here again soon, so I hope to see you in the near future in a live, human-to-human situation!

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