Recording Sessions:

I've played on well over 400 CDs, commercials, video and movie soundtracks, and various software applications. To name a few, CDs for Laura Love, Ranch Romance, Laurie Lewis, Sylvia Herold, Jim Page, Jerry Douglas; soundtracks for movies; Georgia (Mare Winningham, Jennifer Jason-Leigh), The Wooly Boys (Peter Fonda), Georgia Rule (Jane Fonda, Lindsey Lohan) TV; Frontier House (PBS), Software; Complete Encyclopedia of Baseball and Musical Instruments of the World (Microsoft). I can play dobro, lap steel, weissenborn guitar, electric and acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, and sing lead and harmony vocals for your session. For prices and scheduling contact me at


Producing CDs:

I've produced more than 20 CDs for other artists as well as all my own discs. It's a fascinating process which I regard as advanced problem solving. Each album presents different challenges, involving playing, arranging, engineering, mixing, emotional support,  practicing psychology and combinations of many or all of these. I've worked in several genres (bluegrass, singer-songwriter, rock, blues, etc.) If you need a producer for your project let's talk. For consultation, prices, and scheduling contact me at

In engineer Bill Vorndick's Nashville studio with guitarist Russ Barenberg and bassist Barry Bales (Alison Kraus' band)

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