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Thanks for performing at the SFS memorial concert for Sandy! I really appreciate both your thoughtfulness and your music.
I got to hear you in person at Traditions last week. What an amazing Dobro player. I have never heard the Dobro sing like that before. Thanks for a great evening. Tony
Orville! Seeing you playing with Jim Page at Seattle's The Couth Buzzard was a real pleasure. I've been a fan of Jim's for a long time, so it was a wonderful surprise and privilege to hear you both together live. I had bought his latest album a few weeks before and found it amazing. You really are an inspiration--enough so that I bought your Beginning Dobro DVDs, #1 & #2. Next stop is getting a square neck resophonic. Cheers!
I was digging around in a dusty music cabinet I haven't opened in several years.. in a somewhat pensive mood because of the impending Nat'l election and there isn't jack on the radio, and I didn't feel like classical, anyway. The third cd I pull out is "New Dinosaurs of Rome - Excavated" Vol 2. Well, it's been a long time...listening to 'Tennessee Firebird' right now..not bad at all. Loads of strong, good memories coming back. I remember the last time we communicated - my son's death, 20 years ago, now. So, I google you and here is you're website. Nice. Makes me think I need to get out to Seattle. I'm retired now, but keeping way too busy (playing and teaching). Still have an 18 year old at home, who plays viola better than I do. Good wife, good life. I miss you Orville, and would love to conspire to reunion. We're probably completely different people now, but it would be great fun to hang out. Tim
love the sounds of Blues Acoustic guitars.... you make it look to easy. Teaching the right hand is such a challenge for a 62 year old.
Hey, Orville I've been enjoying your guitar lessons on Jam Play. Working on the Travis pickin' right now. I always learn a few new chops from your lessons. Just enough to impress the guys in the band. Thanks and keep on pickin' Tim
Orville- Jan and I have greatly enjoyed meeting you this week at PegHead Nation Western Headquarters. It's been a real treat and you are always welcome!
Good! =)
Enjoyed hearing you today on River City Folk on 91.5 FM in Omaha, NE. The first time I heard a Dobro I was hooked. Your guest spot today exposed me to a whole new aspect of the instrument. Thank you!
Mel and I attended tonight's house concert at Rick singers w you and Laura Love. We loved every song. Such a wonderful evening. Thank you so much for stopping in Spokane. Can you tell us again the name of mr Armstrong and the movie.
Found you when I bought a Paloma slide. Wow !
I'm working at http://www.decibelmusicschoolwestryde.com.au/ hear tyour music in background during teaching awesome!!!
After 15 years of occasionally being mistaken for you, I visited your website to find out you truly are Amazing! Hope to enjoy your music at the Folklife Winter Fair.
Orville - I really enjoyed your music last night at Empty Sea. I loved the old gospel sound and feel of your voice. Felt like I was back home with my Mom and Grandma. Porkchops & all. Adrienne
Hello. I was wondering what tuning(s) do you use on your guitars? Great stuff, the steel is very suited for jazz etc.
Awesome playing and singing at the Triple Door Thursday night; thanks!
Hello from the Quad Cities......!
ORVILLE! Always fun to read/hear what you've been up to. LISTEN UP! Next time you're booking gigs anywhere near Missouri, we can set up a sweet gig in Columbia, 1/2 way between KC and St. Louis. You know Patty (Nashville Patty) Farrar.... she lives here to. I moved from St. Louis about 8 yrs ago, ran a concert series for 6 of that. Let's talk! Get in touch, amigo! Let me know how I can be of assistance.
Orville, I have performed on horns for 50 years and now I am a student of the guitar. I was a high school band director for 30 years, and this time is mine! I love your lessons and just wanted you to know this. I'm currently working my way thru Blue grass flat picking. I have the finger picking skill under control,yah right! but it takes a time! Blue grass plat picking is HARD! Thanks for being on Jamplay! Cheers..Steve
Do you give guitar lessons online via skype www.taksimsanat.com
Love your music and "trying" to learn guitar playing your sons
I enjoy your lessons on Acoustic Guitar and I really like the way you play. If your ever in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, stop by the Mansion Hill Tavern, Newport, Ky. on a monday night and sit in with us, get some gigs in the area. Would like to have you come around. Thanks Orville
Really enjoyed Oconee! But...where did that fellow find a shirt to match the couch....or a couch to match his shirt? Thanks! Looking for a chance to book a lesson with you! Andy
Neat! Now I can get my OJ fix whenever I want! Love the website!
Nice website!
looking forward to the new CD mate
I just got a copy of Live in Vegas and love it. I had to let you know. It's the first time I've heard you play. I play bottle neck and I'm a big fan of all slide. Keep in touch. D.D.
Cool website Orville! Almost as cool as your music...it would be wonderful if you came across the water to the Olympic Pennisula. Hope to see you soon. Aloha, JP
Hey Orville, the new website looks....and sounds....great! I hope to catch up with you again someday. Shine On >Michael
I'm rocknroller on Jamplay. This website is fantastic. I love the music. Orville Johnson is an amazing performer.
Wicked cool site Orville!
Am missing the dobro lessons and the time with you. Congratulations on your new web site and Pork Chop release. I look forward to seeing you on your next visit to LA!!
Beautiful Orville!
Looks great! I have also been a fan for a very long time. Thanks for all the good music.
LOVE your website. Will you check out mine? www.bandating.com try it out you might like it. I have been a fan of yours for a very long time. Thank you, Cecil Osborne
Nice job Orville! Hope to see you around....Tom
Hi Orville, Nice job! You've become a technical wizard as well as a musical one. Go man, go! Congratulations. p
Dear Orville, I LOVE your website!!!! It's fabulous. I've done a look for now and I'll be back to scope everything out. Congratulations! Love, Trish
Hey, revered guests, welcome to the new OJ website. Let me know what you think and any additions I could make that would be pleasing.

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