Southern Filibuster- A Tribute to Tut Taylor

Southern Filibuster- A Tribute to Tut Taylor

Tut Taylor has a unique playing style and a gift for writing catchy, playable tunes for the dobro. He's in his late 80s now and dobro master Jerry Douglas decided it was time to pay tribute to Tut's contributions to the dobro repertoire. I am proud to be among the pickers he invited to play on this disc and, if you like dobro music, you'll be hard pressed to find a cooler album than this. Jerry said, "Everybody on this record is just a great player and they’re the cream of the crop when it comes to playing the Dobro guitar. The people on this Tut Taylor tribute record are the best that there are on the planet."

1. Southern Filibuster  JERRY DOUGLAS  2. Swampwater  BILLY CARDINE   3. Dobro Country MICHAEL WITCHER  4. Ghost Picker  ORVILLE JOHNSON 5. Black Ridge Ramble  CURTIS BURCH  6. Oasis  ROB ICKES  7. Little Green Pill CINDY CASHDOLLAR  8. This Ain't Grass MIKE AULDRIDGE  9. Me and My Dobro FERRELL STOWE  10. Oozin' The Blues RANDY KOHRS 11.Acoustic Toothpick PHIL LEADBETTER  12. Resophonic Guitar ANDY HALL  13. Reso Fandango MEGAN LOVELL  14 . Stevens Steel IVAN ROSENBERG

You can get this at iTunes, Amazon, or if you'd like to order directly from me, see the How to Order page.


  • Jun 25
    Old Edison Inn,  Bow
  • Jul 14
    Alberta Rose Theater,  Portland
  • Jul 29
    Jazz in the Valley,  Ellensburg
  • Aug 4
    Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, 
  • Aug 12
    Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival,  Coupeville

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