Orville Johnson & Scott Weiskopf (Law)

Orville Johnson & Scott Weiskopf (Law)

Scott and I made this in 1996 when we were playing together a lot. Scott's been playing with a host of great musicians and bands.

Check his website for details. I still have a few copies of this folk-funk-singer-songwriter opus left and when they're gone, by golly, they're gone! Music critics would call this album "a collector's item".

1. Rich Man's Country, 2. These Lines, 3. The Sleeper, 4. Queen Victrola, 5. Blueprint for the Blues, 6. World Will Turn, 7. She's a Mystery, 8. Stranger in Me, 9. Instead of Me, 10. Wildwood Green

Currently available only by mail order. Visit the How to Order page for instructions.

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