Orville Johnson - Blueprint for the Blues

Blueprint for the Blues

My tribute to the great country blues artists that inspired me in my early years of playing. I have songs here by Son House, Rev. Gary Davis, Willie Dixon, Henry Townsend, and more, plus a few originals. Music critics would call this album "finger lickin' good".

1. Grinnin' in Your Face, 2. Good Understanding, 3. Tired Chicken Blues, 4. Rainy City Blues, 5. God's Gonna Ease My Troublin' Mind, 6. The Other Side of Life, 7. My Sweet Octoroon, 8. If You Need Me, 9. The Last Meal, 10. Death Don't Have No Mercy, 11. Tears Come Rollin' Down, 12. Tell Old Bill, 13. Blueprint for the Blues

You can purchase Blueprint for the Blues online from CD Baby, download it from iTunes, or see the How to Order page for mail order instructions.

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