This is a creative collaboration of seven mandolin players who have joined forces to explore the boundaries of new acoustic music. The disc takes many twists and turns, ranging from high-energy tunes with traditional roots, to free-wheeling jams,to fresh arrangements of classical works, to spontaneous group improvisations. While the music is mandocentric, you'll also hear lots of violin, guitar, and I get in many licks on the dobro as well. Music critics would say "Look up eclectic in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of Mandoorphosis right there."

1.Crash, 2. Matt's Idea, 3. A Minor Squabble, 4. Impromptu Redux, 5. Santa Morena, 6. CrimeDog, 7. Zone 429, 8. Hamhock's Razor, 9. Pete's Wish, 10. Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2, 11. MandoMorphosis, 12. Out of the Furnace and Into the Fire, 13. Nero's Fiddle, 14. Dos Somorgujos, 15. Ghostown, 16. Ed, 17. Cascadia Raga

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