Laura Love & Orville Johnson - The Sweeter the Juice

The Sweeter The Juice

Folk-funk bassist Laura Love and master country blues guitarist / dobro man Orville Johnson get together and peel the paint off the walls with their fine picking and electrifying vocals. Folk, bluegrass, gospel, spirituals, originals, stirring anthems - it's all here. Music critics would say " soul oozes from every pore of this CD and the folky-funky-hunky tunky blues will set your hair on fire!"

1. Cotton Eyed Joe / Ruby (Are You Mad At Your Man), 2. King Jesus / I'm Workin' on a Building, 3. Load Up / Eyes on the Prize, 4. Nobody's Fault But Mine, 5. Swing Low Sweet Chariot / Swing Down Chariot, 6. Passin', 7. Livin' In a Dream, 8. We Shall Not Be Moved / Stayed On Freedom, 9. When He Calls Me, 10. Yes We Can

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