Johnson, Miller & Dermody - Deceiving Blues

Deceiving Blues

This CD features legendary fingerstyle blues guitarist John Miller, tonemeister Grant Dermody on harmonica, and yours truly on mandolin, dobro, and rubboard. We all sing on this program of acoustic country blues recorded live in the studio in real time.

No headphones, no "studio magic", just pure heartfelt blues played by guys who love it and know it. We're all very proud of the disc. Music critics would call this one "classic country blues by contemporary masters of the artform".
1. Mother Earth, 2. Springtime Blues, 3. Stewball, 4. Some of These Days,5. Witching Hour Blues, 6. Deceiving Blues, 7. Soul of a Man, 8. Bull Doze Blues, 9. Polly Put the Kettle On, 10. Trouble in Mind, 11. Depot Blues, 12. I Will Do My Last Singing

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  • Jun 25
    Old Edison Inn,  Bow
  • Jul 14
    Alberta Rose Theater,  Portland
  • Jul 29
    Jazz in the Valley,  Ellensburg
  • Aug 4
    Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, 
  • Aug 12
    Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival,  Coupeville

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