Jo Miller and Laura Love Sing Bluegrass - featuring Orville Johnson

The Jo Miller & Laura Love Connection

This is the only disc I carry that isn't mine. I'm playing a lot of dobro, guitar, and mandolin, probably the most strictly bluegrass picking I have on disc. Jo and Laura sing all the tunes, mostly bluegrass standards, beautifully. Music critics would call this album "hauntingly sweet".

1. Some Old Day, 2. Blue and Lonesome, 3. What About You, 4. Dear Old Southern Home, 5. My Native Home, 6. Bury Me Beneath the Willow, 7. Blue Railroad Train, 8. My Sweet Love Ain't Around, 9. Don't You Call My Name, 10. Sittin' Alone in the Moonlight, 11. Somebody Loves You, 12. Dear Companion, 13. Everybody Leaves, 14. Old Black Mt. Trail, 15. There Ain't No Ash Will Burn, 16. Golden River

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